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RiskStudio is a bi-monthly podcast on risk management topics. It is result of collaboration between RiskSpotlight and Global Institute for Risk Management Standards (G31000). The podcast is hosted by Manoj Kulwal, who is also the Co-Founder of RiskSpotlight. In each episode, Manoj interviews a risk management expert on 1-2 risk management topics. Experts share their insights with practical examples to understand the covered topic. 

Episode 7 - Published on 16th August 2016

In this episode, we interview Sean Lyons to discuss key ideas from his new book - "Corporate Defense and the Value Preservation Imperative".

Episode 6 - Published on 30th January 2016

In this episode, we interview Vincent Tophoff to discuss guidance from an IFAC paper he authored recently. Topics covered in this discussion include: - 

  • Factors which may result in creation of risk management silos
  • Tips for managing risks as an integral part of managing an organization

Episode 5 - Published on 29th September 2015 

In this episode, we interview Peter Moar on topic of Using Bow-tie for Analysing Opportunities. Topics covered in this discussion include: - 

  • Introduction to Bow-tie Analysis
  • Introduction to Moar Model
  • Developing a Moar Model

Episode 4 - Published on 21st July 2015

In this episode, we interview Rob Jeges on the topic of Implementing Risk Appetite within the ISO 31000 framework. Topics covered in this discussion include: - 

  • Risk Appetite
  • Risk Attitude
  • Risk Criteria
  • Real-life Examples of Risk Appetite Statements

Episode 3 - Published on 28th May 2015

In this episode, we interview Alex Sidorenko ( on the topic of Risk Appetite. In this rather controversial interview Alex shares his views on the topic of Risk Appetite and its relevance to the companies outside of financial services industry. 

Special Episode - Published on 17th April 2015

This is a special episode of RiskStudio published in April 2015. In this section, Tim Leech shares details of the Objective Centric ERM approach. Tim has been a pioneer in the risk management space for 20+ years. In this episode Tim covers following topics: - 

- Differences between Risk Centric and Objective Centric ERM approaches

- Benefits of the Objective Centric ERM approach

- Barriers for implementing Objective Centric ERM approach

This video is highly-recommended for all risk management practitioners and executives responsible for communicating risks to board and senior executives.

Episode 2 - Published on 29th March 2015

In this section, we talk to David Tattam from Protecht about Bow-Tie Analysis, which is one of the assessment technique covered in ISO 31000. David covers following topics: - 

- How to contruct a Bow-Tie for identifying and analysing risks?

- Application areas of Bow-Tie Analysis

- Pros and Cons of Bow-Tie Analysis

In this section, we share details of 12 videos published by Grant Purdy. Grant is one of the best known experts globally on risk management. Each video highlights a commonly found Risk Management Myth and Grant provides guidance on how to address them. 

In this section, we showcase Digital Reasoning, who are bringing the power of artificial intelligence and big data to risk management. 

Episode 1 - Published on 28th January 2015

This video introduces the RiskStudio podcast. RiskStudio is a bi-monthly podcast on risk management topics, which aims to create awareness and common understanding on critical risk management concepts, so our viewers can embed these within their risk management initiatives.

In this section, we talk to Gary Bierc from rPM3, who shares details and benefits of his patented methodology, which covers how to calculate cost of risk management and how cost of risk management may influence achievement of business objectives.

This methodology aligns with the first principle of ISO 31000 standard - "Risk management creates and protects value". The principle states that risk management contributes to the demonstrable achievement of objectives and improvement of performance. While the principle is very simple in its context, most organisations still struggle to demonstrate this principle with real financial facts. The methodology covered in this video can become a valuable tool for organisations to demonstrate this key ISO 31000 principle.

In this section, we showcase True Office, who are innovating the way organisations develop and roll-out their risk and compliance training courses.

In this section, we share 3 videos related to complexity theory. Such theories are useful tools for understanding the cause, risk sources and consequences of risks. 

In this section, we cover recent risk management related news topics and what lessons can be applied for management of risks.